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In the world of social media presence and engagement, creating something visually attractive is key, something so striking that guests/visitors, passers-by get out their cameras for a snap.

SDesign Floral have had the honour of working with some of the exclusive clients over the years. At the core of every project that we have undertaken for these clients is our desire to push boundaries, challenge the ordinary and bring new exciting concepts to life.

Our goal has always been rooted on a quality creative vision, finding inspiration beyond the world of flowers. Always looking towards reinventing the art of flowers through originality, innovation and creativity.

Make your business/brand stand out, create an atmosphere for your clients and let people talk about your business/brand.

We are experts in creating unique, one of a kind, innovative floral installations for a range of hospitality and retail clients. We know exactly that your business/brand wants to be at its best and stand out from your competitors.

Floral Installations definitely add colour and interest, add sensory perspective, complement and enhance your brand, soften and hide unattractive building features and create an inviting atmosphere for your business. There are many reason why to choose flowers .


At S Design Floral we are the most passionate about creating and bringing your dream vision come to life. Each project with us is approached with passion and creativity. Innovation and Quality are the top priorities for us; with advanced technology, silk flowers are made with purpose of looking realistic, hence we have sourced only the best silk flowers/foliage around the world and are proud to use them for our projects. 



We can create different designs to suit your chosen theme. Very importantly, creating an atmosphere and mood for your venue/business premise should always reflect the style and colours for your design. 

For installations, we often go for site visits, we talk you through the options available, suggestions to best solutions, to visuals (vision boards), we want to take our clients with us throughout the whole planning journey. No surprises here, we want to make sure we are doing our best to achieve your desirable end result. You can be sure we look after our customers even after the installation and are here to help you with any advice regards maintenance etc.

I know you probably have your vision in mind and would like to bring it to life. We would love to hear from you and help you to achieve your desired outcome. Get in touch to find out more!

We can help with:

  • Shopfront decorations

  • Flower Arrangements/Displays

  • Suspended floral installations

  • Flower walls

  • Floral landscapes

  • Hanging flower installations etc.

  • Brand Activations

Installations: Text
Installations: Image
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