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Where It All Started

Hi, My name is Santa and I am the creative person behind S Design Floral. We are a small family run business based in West Midlands, Coventry. 

I have always been creative since I was little, after graduating from arts school, I did not really know what exactly I wanted to do with my career, however I always knew that my passion lies in art, floral arranging, arrangement creations is a form of art  and that is how I see it.

Initially I opened my first online shop few years back not knowing really where this would lead me.   

Floral installations has completely been taken over and become increasingly popular for commercial businesses ( restaurants, bars, shops, salons, hotels etc.) as well as individuals and brands. Every project that we work on is special and we treat it that way. 

I run my shop and do everything with such attention to detail, passion for innovation, creativity and design. 

I am deeply inspired by nature and it's diversity. Replicating nature and capturing some elements of it, putting it into my creations is always at the back of my mind. 

My family members are a bunch of creatives, thanks to me, but over years they have developed the eye for detail and are truly artistic in their own ways.

 Create is to live!

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