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  1. What are artificial flower displays?

Faux, Artificial Flowers are not the same as they used to be 10 years ago. With advanced technology, silk flowers are now being made looking more realistic than ever before. They have the advantage of lasting almost indefinitely and can adorn shop frontages or indoor interior. They are brilliant for creating eye catching, show stopping pieces for commercial businesses/individuals. Easily maintained and lasts years compared to fresh flowers.

2. How much does an installation cost?

There are no set prices for installations. Each is different. When quoting, we look at what client wants, we ask for measurements, pictures of the space that needs transforming, colour/flower preferences, location etc. All this information helps us to give you a quote.

3. How to I go about booking for an installation?

Once we quoted you and you have agreed to go ahead with the project, we than send you an invoice for deposit which covers most of the supplies needed for the project ( without deposit, the project is not confirmed) and explain you all in detail inc. timescale. Once paid, we can begin the process of ordering supplies and giving you the timescale of potential installation day. At this point, deposit cannot be refunded.

The rest of the amount has to be paid on the day of installation.

4.How long do they last?

What's great about silk/faux flowers is that they don't wilt and no need  watering/special care.

We believe it's important to keep the flowers looking as fresh as possible and dust free. We always advise our clients to dust their floral displays once in a while. This information will be provided by our team. But apart from that, just sit back and admire your beautiful floral creations.

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