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Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

  • Why faux flowers are the best choice?

The importance of flowers in interior design is certainly not without significance. Visually making a statement as well as adding charm, they infuse a space with life, colour and also exuberance. With advanced technology, silk flowers are made with purpose of looking realistic. We have sourced only the best silk flowers around the world and are proud to use them for our projects. Faux flowers add sensory perspective, complement and enhance your brand, soften and hide unattractive building features and create an inviting atmosphere for your business. There is a list of reason why you should option for faux plants and flowers.

  • What plants/flowers should I choose?

Like every other element of design, flowers/plants should work together with the rest of your interior to achieve a coherent design. There are some that suit well modern interiors, such as sculptural or geometrically shaped plants or plants with small-scale leaves. Others work best with more traditional looks, such as heavily blooming flowers or foliage with rounded shapes. Do not overwhelm your space with flowers to the point when they block the traffic or become uncomfortable or confusing. At the end, It's important that your business provides a relaxing ambience for their customers and floral / plant décor plays a huge role.

  • Do people still decorate with silk flowers?

No longer considered a decorating “no-no,” the design and arrangement of silk flowers has graduated to an art, with floral displays now looking so real that only a petal rubbed between the fingers reveals the truth. With advanced technology, silk flowers are now highly popular and has variety of flowers now available. Pubs, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, retail shops, wedding planners, interior designers are all using faux flowers which becomes a key part of their branding and in turn can lead to organic marketing without having to lift a finger. In fact, the interior/exterior of your business says a lot about what people can expect and the way your shop, restaurant, pub or hotel looks can be decisive factor as to whether a potential customer comes in or walks straight past! Always option for quality flowers/foliage as this will affect the quality of the finished product. Our artificial flowers have been closely examined before using them so you can rest assured all floral displays are made by using the best quality silks.

if you are thinking to open a new business or are in the process of rebranding and remodelling your existing business, contact us to get a free consultation from S Design Floral.

Santa Vidina (floral designer)

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