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Bespoke Innovative Designs

With Sdesign Floral, your next project is sure to be the talk of the town. I use my creativity and experience to make your project turn out exactly how you want it. Whether you are a salon, restaurant, cafe, boutique owner or organizing an event, I’ll make sure every detail is taken care of.


About Us

Where It All Started

Hi, My name is Santa and I am the person behind S Design Floral. We are a small family run business based in West Midlands, Coventry. 

I have always been creative since I was little, after graduating from arts school, I did not really know what exactly I wanted to do with my career, however I always knew that my passion lies in art, so floral artistry for me is a from of art which I am very excited about and very keen to learn more about.

I opened my first online shop mainly selling flower letters few years ago, now we sell variety of hand crafted floral decorations for your dream interior- flower letters, flower walls, floral frames as well as silk flowers and arrangements for you to choose. All designs are bespoke and like no other.

We also hire flower walls that are handmade ( not factory supplied)  for all sorts of events. I still remember my first ever made flower wall which is still very popular.

Permanent installations is another service we offer, this has become increasingly popular for salons, boutiques, restaurants, cafes etc.

I run my shop and do everything with such attention to detail, passion for creativity and unique design. My inspiration comes from nature and its beauty and I always try to capture some elements of nature and put it into my creations.

Having previously worked as a customer assistant, it has always been so important to me to be able to provide the best service and best value.

Every order, each project is very special to me and I treat it that way, Everything from planning to execution. I love unique styles and creations in every form of art.

 For every project I believe it's very important to gain that trust and ensure every client we work with is happy with the process and the end result. 

To create is to live!

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