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Cherry Blossom Season is approaching

We absolutely adore cherry blossoms also known as Sakura. At S Design Floral we love to imitate the natural look of cherry blossom installation, using the high imitation silk cherry blossom flowers creating an atmosphere that will capture attention and invite wonders. With faux cherry blossom you don't need special caring and watering, saving time and energy.

Simple, romantic decor?!

You can say that cherry blossoms are too feminine but can always use dark tiles or neutral wall decals with cherry blossoms, so will look appropriate even in a masculine interior. Cherry blossoms can be installed in a variety of different ways to elevate any space. Restaurants, bars, shopping malls, gardens, even special events love to use cherry blossom. From romantic to the daring, whatever you desire we can help you to create a visual performance of your dreams.

An eye catching piece of decor? 100%

Considering cherry blossom for your interior/exterior? From cherry blossom trees, to cherry blossom clouds, cherry blossom flower walls as an ideal backdrop, ceilings full of cherry blossom, vase arrangements, there is no limit to creative mind.

We got more selection of spring flowers including bunches of faux quality cherry blossoms coming real soon. Meanwhile, you can get our signature cherry blossom garlands designed especially for installing yourself. Or get in touch with us for cherry blossom installations. Let us bring you delicate blossom trees to life.

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