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Dry Effect Faux Flower range

Introducing our new range of artificial dry effect flowers.

As much as I love natural dry flowers, they do make a lot of mess and many people ask if there is anything similar to dry flowers. We have an alternative solution, these faux flowers resemble and feel as if they are naturally dry. Beautifully detailed with such realistic appearance and longer lasting than compared to natural. Great for creating those Boho vibes in your interior design design.

If you are looking for more muted, Neutral colour pallette, than dry effect flowers will be the right choice. Decorating with neutrals is a timeless and versatile choice which has become increasingly popular in recent years with those seeking to create calming spaces to retreat to in our busy modern world.

For creating show stopping displays, walls, ceilings, arrangements, Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Picture for reference ( pinterest inspo)

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